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    Our team

    For you, we travel the world with our expertise and passion (for our job). Our reliable, well-attuned team acts authentic, empathetic and professional. 


    Jens Gießler


    Perfectionist, mover and shaker, workaholic. Enjoys having content customers, guests and employees. Being constantly on the road he enjoys the few time-outs preferably with his family. Appreciates a good red wine and a good book but has actually no time to read.  His motto “Take each day as it comes and make the best of it”.

    Monika Fleischmann

    Management AssistanT

    Armed with organisational skills and a distinct sense of justice together with a good attention to detail, she also loves her horse(s). Also a secret trend indicator of the current team spirit. Always has an alternative up her sleeve. When bein cast on a remote island, her family, her animals and a good Caiprininha are mandantory companions.

    Nicole Hepbasli

    Office Assistant

    Actually she wanted to be a VIVA moderator, but luckily she supports us in the office and comes up with plan b quite often. She loves goats, cows and horror movies: she likes to explain how this fits together in the circle of her “normal multi-culti big family” over a glass of white wine.


    Daniel Geiger

    Projectmanager Events

    IT-guru and BBQ pitmaster. Provides swift and credible help for any technical emergencies. Appreciates good food and strong coffee. Travesl the world – in privat with his RV, for organissimo he organises events around the globe.                                                                                                                                                                              

    Eva Knoblauch

    Business Development
    & Key Accounts

    Curly with a passion for structure, standards and spreadsheets. Wish-fulfiller – she extinguishes fire with charm or – in need – with her killer look. In her spare time, she still likes to spend time in the sandbox, but today rather with beachvolleyball. But she also likes travelling, a glass of wine while spending time with friends.

    Ralf Philipp


    Better known as “Pinsel”. Our everyday hero with a strong wanderlust tendency – always on the move. Nothing is impossible. Enjoys the mix of practical and office work, satisfied customers and a friendly working environment. Wants  to be reborn as an Albatros to enjoy the boundless freedom of flying.

    Martin Knauer

    Object MANAGER

    Some know him for many years as “d’Moischder”. Detail-loving perfectio-nist and kind of control freak. Before he talks at length, he prefers to do it quickly himself. He’s a team player, he also sees himself as the “feel-good officer” and likes to take care of cake, beer and food. Privately he is a father & gardener and loves model trains.      


    We want you.

    At home at the lake of constance and operating successfully since 1995.          Our homebase for managing the most diverse event formats – be it live, hybrid or digital – locally or globally.

    We are looking for future colleagues with organisational and communication skills to support our team. You should also bring a technical understanding and a flair to develop and implement sparkling events for our customers.

    Are you passionate about new creative concepts? You love your field with heart and mind? Then you`re right on the mark with us.